• The future of Squared Furniture

    This is a bit out of left field but we have some news...

    It is with a heavy heart and great deal of sadness that I bring you the news of the closing of Squared Furniture.  It has been quite an adventure to say the least. 

    In the coming weeks we will be finishing with a few design/build projects, custom orders and the remainder of our wholesale orders to date.  We will officially cease taking orders on April 30th 2014.  Any remaining orders will be processed and shipped within the weeks to follow.  The shop will close May 30th 2014 at which point Squared Furniture will quietly slip into the ether…

    At this point I'd like to personally thank each one of you who have helped to make Squared Furniture everything that it came to be... Any success we experienced is owed to you.  Whether you paved the way creating a design scene in Minnesota, lent us one of your many talents, served as mentor, built our product (for a short time), took photos, created logos, let us take over your house or store, and in general were champions of Squared Furniture... Thank you!  We couldn't have done it without you.  

    Again, thank you for having vision, passion, drive, love and the ability to take risks...It is our hope that all of you makers, designers, builders, entrepreneurs, photographers, artists and the like continue to chase after your passion, see it through to fruition and enjoy it for as long as you're able. 

    All our best

    Christopher + Jessica

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