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    Hello furniture lovers-

    We've got some updates to the site to report and a few news items you wont want to miss. So here goes....As of late Jessica & Christopher have been working hard perparing for some upcoming events and shows both local and national. The dates of which are quickly approaching.  We're taking part in the Guerrilla by Design Art-A-Whirl event at the Casket Arts building in N.E. Minneapolis May 17th -19th. This is not going to be your typical event. The Guerrilla by Design(ers) have organized to have 2 ocean line shipping containers delivered for the weekend that we will be filling with furniture, home goods, jewelry and other misc. things. Yep you heard that right, its going to be a blast so swing by. This is the juicy part...Squared is going to be off loading some of our floor models, a few one offs, scratch and dents as well as offering steep discounts on standard product. So come and get it!!!!  

    Site updates and changes: The shipping is all sorted. If for some reason you do have a problem, drop me a line or a quick call and we'll get it all sorted. We've also added a retail partner page. Yep thats right, if you weren't aware we have retail partners both online and a couple retail stores as well. The list is continually growing, in fact we're working with a handful of retailers that we hope to reveal in the coming weeks. Hopefully we'll be in a shop near you in the coming months. 

    A little fun: The great folks over at Forage Modern Workshop wanted to have a little fun with some left overs from a build out. The details: Four 1 inch thick solid white oak slabs were given to 4 different design(ers) teams, companies etc. and asked to make something utilizing the slab of white oak. There were no real limitations on what we could produce or materials we could add to the slab. We took it upon ourselves to only work with the given slab.  Constraints are always welcome at Squared, we love the problem solving process. We only had about 10 weeks to conceive of, design and build the piece. We managed to knock out a pretty cool chair out of the single slab. The objects from all 4 design teams are to be released May 2nd at Forage Modern Workshop with a Royal Tenenbaums themed party in store! There are more details at   Below is an Ash version of the design we produced for the Oak Slab design challenge. These (2) will be at Art-A-Whirl for inspection and purchase May 17th - 19th.  

    Thats all for now, we've got more in the works and will share the details once everything is solidified. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you at Forage and Art-A-Whirl in the coming weeks. 

    Cheers from Jessica & Christopher

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