The Bent collection are  simple and elegant forms that function well in all areas of the home.  We wanted to achieve a form making the fewest production moves as possible.  We started with a flat sheet of aluminum, by adding two bends we were able to achieve a very simple paired down form that functioned as a table.  The metal on its own is quite cold, unapproachable and doesn't seem to function.   The addition of the wood base adds the necessary warmth and solves the problem of span tension.  The solid wood provides the necessary rigidity to keep the form from sagging when under load.  So go ahead and place as many books on it as you'd like!  You can even sit on it if you like.   We now have a coffee table, side tables and several other forms that are simple, elegant and functional.  Offered in a variety of sizes and colors there is sure to be one that suits your needs.  Made from 1/4" powder coated aluminum and solid wood.